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37 PROBLEMS returns with “Mother’s Day?” Special starring ERIC BALFOUR

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37 PROBLEMS, the award-winning fertility comedy series on Amazon, is back with a Special “Mother’s Day?” Episode starring ERIC BALFOUR (Haven, Six Feet Under, 24).

“Mother’s Day?” picks up where Season One left off – 37 year-old workaholic, baby-ambivalent AMANDA (creator Lisa Ebersole) visited a fertility doctor to silence her nagging mother and found out she had only one egg left. The nine-episode season ended with viewers wondering if Amanda would become a Mom and how? Just in time for Mother’s Day 2018, “Mother’s Day?” has the answer:

BALFOUR stars as “Josh,” Amanda’s first love.  Twenty-two years after they called it quits as a couple, Amanda asks Josh to have a baby with her.  On paper, Josh is the perfect baby-daddy.  Even if history has shown he and Amanda can’t actually stand each other.

“There’s nothing more gratifying than being a part of something that is pure and true,” said Balfour. “That’s how I felt about the first season of 37 PROBLEMS. It was funny, honest, and vulnerable. I’m inspired by independent artists like Lisa and was truly flattered and excited to join her world."

With Balfour, Ebersole continues the trend of her series, exploring what she grapples with in real life: “I assume I’ll want a baby some day, but I’m 41, so, some day is now. Having a baby isn’t financially or logistically possible for me without a partner, so I started thinking about ex-boyfriends whom I still know and love – could one of them be the perfect non-sexual co-parent?” 

“Mother’s Day?” co-stars series regulars STEPHANIE SANDITZ (Strangers With Candy) as Amanda’s BFF and LARRS JACKSON (The Dick Van Dyke Show) as Amanda’s Dead Dad.

37 PROBLEMS: Mother’s Day? Launches Wednesday May 9 on, Amazon Prime, and Seed&Spark. 

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